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Objects contained in the Constitution

After ten years of activities the Committee has reviewed the Constitution and refined the Objects.

The Society is now registered as a charitable entity under the new Charities Act 2005.

A copy of the full Constitution is available on request.


The objects for which the society is established are:

  1. To create walkways and walking access in the Ohinemuri District, which includes but is not limited to: research, planning, development, construction, maintenance and environmental restoration.
  2. To liaise and work with landowners and land occupiers, other interested groups, and local, regional and national government bodies in pursuit of our activities.
  3. To promote walking and public walking facilities, including the establishment of a database of information on route, distance, ease and time to walk on the different walks in the Waihi area.
  4. To identify, research and promote historical, cultural or geographical features, areas and information, linked with the walkways, their environs and in the district generally.
  5. To promote access to public land
  6. To promote environmental awareness and restoration
  7. To sponsor and foster societies with similar aims.
  8. To take such steps as deemed expedient by the Society for the procurement of funds for the work of the Society.
  9. To acquire by purchase or lease or otherwise acquire lands, buildings and all others property that the Society is deemed to require to carry out its aims.
  10. To sell, improve, maintain, manage, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or part of the property, assets and rights of the society.
  11. To raise or borrow money in such a manner and upon such security (if any) as the Committee of the Society shall think fit.
  12. To invest and deal with the monies of the Society not immediately required upon such securities or otherwise in such a manner as may from time to time be determined.
  13. To do any act, matter or thing which may appear to the Committee of the Society to be incidental or conducive towards carrying into effect or attainment the objects of the Society.
  14. From time to time to set more specific short, medium and long-term goals and strategies which promote the above objects.


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