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Issue 3 April 2001


Waihi Walkways believes it is creating walks for the benefit of the community, something that anyone in the community will be able to use as a free activity, that promote health on a physical, mental and emotional level. The river reserves (Queens Chain) were set aside primarily to provide public access along our rivers and streams and protection for the stream banks.


On going consultation is continuing with Te Ruunanga Iwi O Ngati Tamatera who will be producing a Maori Values Assessment. Te Kupenga O Iwi Ngati Hako have also been re-visited. A result of this is that a document is being produced to establish a protocol regarding possible discoveries of buried artefacts.

Funding UpdatePiggy bank image

Funds received from Lotteries Environment and Heritage Fund are paying to employ our Walkways Co-ordinator. The department of Work and Income have also contributed to this through Task Force Green.

Funding has been granted from Environment Waikato's Environmental Initiative Fund. This is to be used for riparian planting and protective fencing of stock damage to river banks.

Waihi Walkways extends a big thank you to our sponsors and all the people who provide us with funding.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Waihi Gold Company for allowing us to use their photo copying hardware to reproduce this newsletter at no cost. Thank You!!!

SculpturesLa's frog image

Waihi Walkways are also working with GO Waihi who arranged a sculpting symposium in January.

Six first time sculptors have donated their pieces to Walkways and these should be placed within the next few months. Waihi Walkways is very grateful for their generous gift and feel the sculptures will add a special touch to the walks they find a home on.

This Frog with the Pump House was sculpted by Laleet Prasad.

Co-ordinator's Progress

Eric is now working on a six month contract for Waihi Walkways.

Andrew Jenks of H.E.L.P. (Habitat Enhancement and Landcare Partnership) and Eric are attempting to put systems in place to enable them to work effectively together.

A second year environmental architect student, Derek Hayes, has been gaining work experience with Environment Waikato. He was shown the Scout Walk, Riverbank Terrace Walkway and the proposed Dredging Plant Site. Derek has created proposal plans with the emphasis on planting and how parts of the walks could be managed. These are very impressive and we hope to incorporate some of his ideas in our proposals.

Eric has been revising the Scout Walkway plan in line with the proposal created by Derek based on Andrew's ideas. The proposed walkway will now cross the Eastern Stream twice using bridges.

Waihi Walkways intend to enter into a partnership agreement with H.E.L.P. to develop the Scout Walk. The details of this are of underway so as to re-visit all affected parties in a timely manner. H.E.L.P. are working to secure funding from Waihi Gold with regards to construction materials and labour for bridges etc. Walkways input will be planting and fencing using Environment Waikato's Environmental Initiatives Fund. It is hoped to undertake planting this season. Other construction costs are likely to be met by Walkways funding received from the Jim Say Foundation.

Dredging Plant Site

This drawing of the site, produced by Derek Hayes, and currently owned by Hauraki District Council is situated beyond the end of Lawrence Road. The proposed plan shows what the site could look like in future years if it is not sold off as private lifestyle sections.

Dredging Plant Site image

Quote Derek Hayes: 'The Waihi Dredging Plant site is not only seen as an area of natural beauty, but also an area that holds a great deal of historical significance that would be greatly valued by the public. It is proposed that the existing historical features of the site are complemented and enhanced with native plantings which will link the entire area together, creating a more suitable habitat for wildlife and the general public providing for swimming, canoeing, picnicking etc.

Along the banks of the Waitete stream there is already a good establishment of deciduous exotics, it is proposed that these be retained and under planted with Totara, and Kauri (above the flood plain), as proposed by the walkways committee to include 50 Kauri trees, individually labelled on 4x4m sites. As the Kauri develop the exotics can be gradually removed.'

Although Hauraki District Council have knocked back our original proposal, Waihi Walkways feel this is too an important a site to lose to private ownership and will continue to pursue securement of this reserve for public use. A walk to the site is still envisaged to raise public awareness.

For more information on this proposal, please phone Eric on (07) 863 7084.

Dates to Note

Next meeting is the third Thursday of May at 5.00 p.m. in the GO Waihi office, above Milby's in Seddon Street. Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month.

Please note change of PO Box number - it is now PO Box 241

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The minutes of our meetings are now emailed to those who can receive them.

Waihi District Walkways Inc.

Committee contact details:

Chairperson: Tessa Mackenzie Ph: (07) 863 7840

Secretary: Owen Morgan Ph: (07) 863 8540

Treasurer: John Vinson Ph: (07) 863 9021

Co-ordinator: Eric Lens Ph: (07) 863 7084

Address for correspondence:

Waihi Walkways, PO Box 241, Waihi

Registered office:

Waihi District Walkways Inc., 10 Baker Street, Waihi

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