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Issue 8 August 2005

Greetings to everyone .

In Memory of Charlie Cooper

We wish to acknowledge and honour the passing of our Chairman, Charlie Cooper. As a long time member of Waihi Walkways, we recall all the various contributions Charlie made, not only to creating walkways, but to many other community initiatives. We will be planting a special tree on the Mill Stream walkway to honour and remember Charlie, and his commitment to community.

Mill Stream Cascades

Mill Stream Cascades

Website On Line

We are pleased to announce that our website is now on line at

We encourage you to have a look at our site…. there are some wonderful visual images (and sounds), thanks to Eric Lens, which help reflect some of the ambience of our different walkways. There’s nothing like walking the real thing!

You will find that our website is structured to assist us in planning, developing and creating our walkways and so it shows our planning tools and health and safety, our supporters and funders. It also includes this newsletter, archived newsletters, publicity, and environmental enhancement opportunities.

Our walkways section shows all the walkways, either under construction or to be constructed in the course of time. The vision of Waihi District Walkways Inc, (as per our website) is to "create a series of linked walkways around the Waihi District, for good health and for appreciation and enjoyment of our wonderful natural environment. These will take the walking public along the Ohinemuri River and tributaries, and link with existing bush tracks and Department of Conservation walkways.

Added to this is the opportunity to view our unique heritage features, which are currently being researched and interpreted throughout the district. We believe this is a significant long term contribution to our community and a part of the upsurge of interest in walkways throughout New Zealand."

In time, we will add a separate "window" which describes the whole variety of walkways available throughout the district. This will enable all visitors to the site to choose a walk which appeals to them.

Ward Chairman Sel Baker with students

Ward Chairman Sel Baker with students

"Enviro" School Project

We are delighted to be working with the JEDDS (Junior Environmental Dudettes and Dudes) at Waihi College as they take on a project on the Mill Stream Walkway.

These students have a passionate regard for the state of our environment, and we encourage and support them in developing their skills and understanding in contributing to the rehabilitation of our ecosystems.

This project is in the early stages at present, but it is intended they will develop the "weed paddock" at the Baker Street end, as part of the original concept of the Mill Stream Walkway. We will post more news of this project on our website as it develops.

More on Mill Stream

We have installed a ‘people counter’, kindly supplied by DoC, on this walk.

We believe we have good usage of this walkway, and this device will enable us to more accurately know the traffic, and the seasonal changes, if any.

WCCC – Waihi Community Consultation Committee

Projects have now been assessed and prioritised, and a Trust is being formed to assist in facilitating many of the projects. Waihi Walkways is working with Newmont Waihi Gold in the development of the walkway/cycleway around the pit rim. Beyond that are opportunities to develop accessways over the hazard zone areas. If you have ideas on how you would like to see these areas developed, please contact Ruth Ordish on 863 8600.

Conservation Snippet

Peter Carter of Department of Conservation, Thames Office, visited Mill Stream Walkway recently and commented on the progress made in the area. The neglected area of wasteland and rubbish has been transformed into a delightful walk of ferns, regenerating bush and open spaces.

Peter was especially complimentary about the work that our volunteer ladies do with controlling the invasive weeds in parts of the walkway. Community contribution to walkways is encouraged by DoC - here are some hints from Peter discussing ways we can contribute as we enjoy a walkway in our district or in our country –

  1. Take a wet rag and clean up the signage
  2. Clear out a culvert mouth to enable free flow of water and help preserve the walkway
  3. Clear ponga fronds or other dropped vegetation off the track.

Invitation to You
Kowhai in flower

Kowhai in flower

We invite you to visit our website and make comments. We also invite you to consider becoming a member on line (if you are not one), and joining our dedicated committee to help progress the vision of walkways throughout the district.

Contact Ruth Ordish 863 8600 for any enquiries.

Our AGM will be held in August this year – and will be advised in the local paper.


Thanks to..

Our continuing thanks to DoC for their advice, guidance, and a Conservation Grant to assist with scoping of the Ohinemuri River Historic Walkway. Also, Lotteries Environment & Heritage. Thanks to Jim Say Foundation Trust for another grant this year. Trust Waikato, HELP, our wonderful volunteers on Mill Stream Walkway, Waihi College "enviro" students, and our dedicated committee.

Committee contact details:

Chairperson (acting): Ruth Ordish Ph: (07) 863 8600

Secretary: Annette Bowater Ph: (07) 863 8863

Treasurer: John Vinson Ph: (07) 863 9021

Address for correspondence: Waihi Walkways PO Box 241 Waihi

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