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Issue 5 May 2002

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Waihi Walkways Inc is to be held next month and Ruth Ordish-Benner, current chairperson says the group can be pleased with the progress made this last year.

Progress Report

The Eastern Stream Walkway

(previously known as Scout), between Baker and Clarke Streets, now has DoC approval and is due to have its metal track installed in June 2002. Already hundreds of native plants have been established along a significant stretch of the walkway area andthey are looking good after the summer.

DoC has designated this as a standard "Short Stop Walk" and Peter Carter, the DoC Program Manager for Visitor and Historic Assets, Hauraki Area, commented on the attractiveness of the walk and the stream which is the main feature. Additionally, the walk engages several historic features from the older mining days, amidst a gentle wilderness area.

Eventually, the walk will cross the Eastern Stream twice (on DoC approved bridges) to give greater variety to the walk and also to provide an excellent view of the hidden parts of the stream.

Riverbank Terrace

The southern side of Riverbank Terrace, on the right of Coronation Bridge as one drives out of town toward Tauranga, has also been planted with hundreds of native species. The bank has been fenced off from cattle to protect the plants and the riverbank itself.

These plants have progressed well over summer also and the Hauraki District Council has offered to provide a maintenance programme over the next few years.

Union Hill Historic Area

Ferro-Concrete Pneumatic Tanks (Cyanide Tanks) on Union Hill. AWN 1911

More recently the Hauraki District Council has provided initial funding to start a project on Union Hill. This site contains a wealth of historic features, most of which are well hidden amongst the re-growth of weeds, exotics and native trees.

The old Waihi Battery on Union Hill, showing secondshaft at top middle, kilns middle left. photo courtesy WACMA.

As one of the landowners of the area, Waihi Gold Company is supporting the initiative and preliminary development of the main route walkway has started, incorporating access to the cyanide tanks. The area is not available to the general public at this time.

The HELP (Habitat Enhancement and Landcare Partnership) team has already removed or reduced the noxious weeds such as pampas grass, privet, and honeysuckle which were all starting to overwhelm the area.

The old Waihi Battery, with covered kilns on left, stacked firewood in foreground, and water race at middle left. photo courtesy WACMA.

Because of the proximity of this area to Waihi township, the numerous historic features, and the charming wilderness ambience, Waihi Walkways Inc is keen to work with Newmont Waihi, Hauraki District Council, DoC and the Crown to develop a concept to meet the needs of community and landowners alike.

Jarrod & Walter clearing privet at the Cyanide Tanks. Photo courtesy R.Bowater

Please contact Mike Hayden tel 863 7292 to register your interest in this project.

Thanks to..

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their continuing support; funding for these projects is paramount in order that the concept of creating walkways becomes a reality - Trust Waikato, Environment Waikato, Waihi Gold Co., Lotteries, Valder Trust, Jim Say Foundation. And the HELP team, Andrew, Chris, Jarrod & Walter, who provide the hands on. energy and experience to help transform an idea into reality.

Dates to Note

Tuesday 18 June 2002 . AGM with guest speaker Peter Carter, DoC Program Manager for Visitor and Historic Assets, Hauraki Area, who will speak on "The Coromandel Experience - who visit, what do they do, where are we going?".

Also, Ruth Ordish-Benner has indicated will stand down as Chairperson so opportunity for new people to come to help move the projects along.

Committee contact details:

Chairperson: Ruth Ordish-Benner Ph: (07) 863 8600

Secretaries: Owen Morgan Ph: (07) 863 8540

Annette Bowater Ph: (07) 863 8863

Treasurer: John Vinson Ph: (07) 863 9021

Co-ordinator: Eric Lens Ph: (07) 863 7084

Address for correspondence: Waihi Walkways PO Box 241 Waih

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