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Issue 4 October 2001

Change of Chairperson

After 2 years as Facilitator/Chairperson, Tessa Mackenzie has taken time out for an overseas experience with her family. Tessa therefore resigned as chairperson at the A.G.M. handing over the role to Ruth Ordish-Benner who she feels will take Waihi Walkways to the next step of the development process.

Tessa is proud of the achievement the group have made to date and feels the new expanded committee will go far towards fulfilling the Waihi Walkways vision.

Subsequent to the A.G.M., goals have been set for 2001-02 building on the work already being done.

Ruth is keen to increase general awareness of Waihi Walkways and says although there appears to be a lot of public support for the Walkways concept, there are still a number of people who do not know of Waihi Walkways.

There are a variety of education opportunities that Waihi Walkways offer eg: native flora and fauna, and many historically significant sites. These attractions will be a draw-card for tourists coming into the area.

Progress Report

Scout Walkway is well underway with clearing and planting at the Clark Street end.

River Bank Terrace Walkway is also underway with fencing of the southern bank and the first riparian planting underway.

Clearing logs and debris from Eastern Stream at Scout Walk-way are (front to back): Jarrod Watson Andrew Maber Walter Peeke and Chris Parr.

Greg Board creating a fine fence for the planting of the southern bank of Riverbank Terrace Walkway.

As with Scout Walkway, HELP has engaged the local schools to assist with the planting. Walkways is very pleased that the community is involved in this way and envisages this as an ongoing relationship.

Considerable research material has been assembled about the Waihi Dredging Plant site. Various presentations to the Council for an enlarged reserve area have been largely unsuccessful.

The Dredging Plant Site depicted as a postcard of the time.

Four archeologists, Rachel Darmody of Historical Places Trust, Phillip Moore, Neville Ritchie and Caroline Phillips have now visited the Waihi Dredging Plant site. They all recommend that the reserve area be enlarged, believing the site to be historically significant. Accordingly, Historic Places Trust is lodging an application for registration of the site as an Historic Area.

Neville Ritchie, Phillip Moore and Rachel Darmody at the Dredging Plant site.

Walkways believes this site is also valuable to the larger community and will pose a substantial attraction for tourist interest in the future.

Thanks to..

Valder Trust for funding for plantings maintenance.

Trust Waikato for funding of general operation costs and capital purchases.

Waihi Gold Company for newsletter copying.

Eric Coppard and Colin Townsend for research.

Rachel Darmody of Historic Places Trust for expertise.

Phil Moore for help and encouragement.

Wahi Arts Centre and Museum Assn for photographs.

Andrew Jenks and HELP Team for their energy and enthusiasm.

Local school children for nurturing and planting seedlings.

Dates to Note

Planting Day - South Bank, Riverbank Terrace Walkway Wednesday 10 October - start 10.30 am

Also, visit Waihi Walkways display at the War Memorial Hall WEN Volunteer Contribution Expo on 10 October 9.30 . 1.00pm

Committee contact details:

Chairperson: Ruth Ordish-Benner Ph: (07) 863 8600

Secretaries: Owen Morgan Ph: (07) 863 8540

Annette Bowater Ph: (07) 863 8863

Treasurer: John Vinson Ph: (07) 863 9021

Co-ordinator: Eric Lens Ph: (07) 863 7084

Address for correspondence: Waihi Walkways PO Box 241 Waihi

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