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The heritage features and stories of any district are not only an interesting diversion or "peep" into the past; they are an integral factor in the fabric of the current society and environment.

As we look, listen, read and learn about the previous decades or centuries of activities and attitudes, we glean some understanding of the factors which influence our own lives, in this time and place.

In the Waihi District, pre European activities of Maori are discussed in a variety of books and stories, minuted in the Land Court proceedings of 1865 to date (see link below), and held in the minds, memories and hearts of tangata whenua.

The arrival of European settlers, farmers, miners and speculators produced massive social, environmental, cultural and economic changes in a short space of time. The most dominant factor was the discovery of gold and silver, and the activities that followed in pursuit of wealth - as so it is today.

All our walkways will provide access to areas of Waihi's rich cultural and natural heritage. Waihi Walkways intends to interpret and promote this heritage as appropriate on each walkway.

Additionally, we are populating the website www.ohinemuri.org.nz. This website includes the Ohinemuri Regional History Journals, and a variety of publications providing a range of historical information about the Ohinemuri District (now known as the Hauraki District).

A heritage survey of the greater Waihi area is underway. As this material becomes available, highlights will be posted here.

Notes on the heritage features to be found at the different walks can be found under the respective walkway pages. Go to Walkways page.

Useful heritage links and references:

NZ Historic Places Trust www.historic.org.nz

Reference Resource for Co-operative Community Historic Heritage Identification, Protection and Management, October 2004, Opus International Consultants Limited 2005.

ICOMOS, International Council on Monuments and Sites, www.icomos.org/ an international non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites. Provides internationally accepted guidelines, recommendations and heritage management practices.

Ohinemuri website www.ohinemuri.org.nz

Land Court proceedings www.justice.govt.nz/maorilandcourt/aboutmlc.htm

Silverton Battery 1898

Silverton Battery 1898

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