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Hazard Identification and Control

Hazard Registers

bulletHazard Register General. This generic document describes all potential hazards identified for any of our walks, and the options for controlling them, according to determined scale of hazard. (It is a table in our Health and Safety Manual)
bulletFrom this document we have created a Walkway specific template which is an amended Hazard Register General. This becomes a Walkway Specific Hazard Register . This reflects the identified hazards on the specific walk, and how we have determined to manage them. It will be created at the commencement of the walkway Research and Planning stage.
bulletThis Walkway Specific Hazard Register will be reviewed annually, checking that hazard controls are in place and working, and that any new hazards are added and controlled.
bulletMonthly Walkway Specific Maintenance Reports are completed and presented to the Committee. Any hazard control issues are attended to and the report filed appropriately.
bulletIf necessary, the Hazard Registers will be updated.
bulletAdditionally, we have created a Workplace Hazard Register. This register reflects the identified hazards encountered during walkway creation, be it planning, construction or maintenance and it shows how we have determined to manage those hazards. This document is for our volunteers.
bulletThe Walkway Specific Hazard Register and Workplace Hazard Register are used in conjunction at the commencement of work to be done by volunteers.
bulletWith contractors we share our Walkway Specific Hazard Register and Workplace Hazard Register and discuss control options. The contractor supplies their own Workplace Hazard Control Plan.
bulletIf necessary, the Hazard Registers will be updated.

These Registers can all be found in the Health and Safety Manual

Hazard Control Checklist




bulletSystematically identify hazards
bulletSystematically manage hazards by eliminating them, isolating them or minimising them, in that order of preference
bulletProvide suitable protective clothing and equipment
bulletProvide safety information, training or supervision so that work is done safely.

Contractors and/or Sub-contractors

bulletEngage competent and safe contractors;
bulletIdentify and discuss all known hazards and their control:
bulletProvide contractors with any information that concerns their health and safety while working;
bulletMonitor contractors' performance in areas of health and safety while working;
bulletCo-ordinate the activities of contractors;
bulletRecord and report accidents or incidences of serious harm.

First Aid Kit

bulletEnsure first aid kit is kept accessible.
bulletEnsure kit is stocked and maintained in accordance with First Aid Regulations.

Accident Register

bulletAre all accidents/incidents recorded in the register?

General Public - walkers

bulletAre significant hazards eliminated, isolated or minimised?
bulletAre appropriate warning signs in place?

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