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Editorial, Bay of Plenty Times, 16 July 2008

Gardeners are an inspiration

In life, people tend to be either builders or wreckers. The wreckers are all around us - we see them in the court and crime reports, in the tagging and vandalism that mar our streets. There’s an element of the wrecker, more subtly, in those who criticise without offering solutions, those who persist in taking a negative view and those who sit at home and complain while others do the hard yards.

Fortunately for us, the builders are out there too, and they are no better represented than in the hard-working proactive team behind Te Puna Quarry Park.

It was fitting that the park society this week won the supreme prize at the TrustPower Western Bay of Plenty Community Awards from a pool of 87 highly deserving nominees.

All of those nominated groups, and many others like them, are the builders of our society. They’re the people who give service to others without thought for themselves and who achieve great things through quiet, positive action. (It’s also a safe bet that they are among the happiest and most fulfilled people in our community.)

Good on them all. And special thanks to the Te Puna volunteers who, for more than a decade, have dedicated countless hours to creating a wonderful treasure that all can enjoy for free, every day of the year.

To bring such a place of beauty out of the scarred landscape of the former quarry has been an impressive achievement, and there are still many exciting development plans ahead.

The particular projects which impressed the community award judges were the quarry park’s butterfly garden and sensory garden for blind people and wheelchair-users.

What a way to bring joy to people’s lives.

The sculptures and artworks that dot the park add a further element of delight.

Te Puna Quarry Park is recognised as a Garden of Regional Significance, with one of the best outdoor displays of orchids in the country, as well as many other specialist plant areas - all lovingly maintained. With a membership of well over 300 plus support from 50 companies and organisations this jewel in the hills is an example of what can be done with teamwork and a positive attitude.

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