12.06.2001: HDC News, Lawrence Rd


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Hauraki Herald, Tuesday June 12 2001

HDC News

Lawrence Rd Subdivision

Council is subdividing land it owns in Lawrence Rd in Waihi into rural residential lots for sale to the public. The land was originally bought by Council for use in sewerage treatment and then subsequently was found to be unnecessary. The land is in a very picturesque spot by the Ohinemuri River and Council has set aside some of it for use as a reserve. The area set aside contains some historic relics of the old dredging plant that used to be located in the area.

The Waihi Walkways Committee has applied to the Council to get extra land attached to the reserve. It wants Council to keep the end section to add to the existing area of reserve or to hold the section from sale so that the walkways committee can buy it at a later date. The Planning and Finance Committee, after considering the application, recommended to Council to decline the request for more land. While the idea had some support among councillors the majority vote supported the premise that the area already set aside, together with the large area of road reserve that exists along the riverbank, was sufficient to make a nice picnic area and to preserve and give access to the historic sites. There was a feeling that on going maintenance of a larger area could become a difficulty and a charge on the ratepayers of the future.

The area will form part of a walkway that the walkways group is developing along the riverbank. Access to the walkway will be from Dean Crescent where there will be parking available and Council has guaranteed vehicular access to the reserve at the end of Lawrence Rd for maintenance purposes.


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