7.06.2012: Planting to Clean Our Waterways


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Waihi Leader, Thursday, June 7, 2012

Planting to Clean Our Waterways

Goldfields School get down and dirty.

Scrambling around in the mud may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the students and helpers from Goldfields School had a great time last week. They teamed up with Waihi Walkways to extend a lovely wetland which is adjacent to Mill Stream Walkway.

"Three years ago the school students planted lots of flaxes for the beginnings of the wetland, and those plants look great", said coordinator Ruth Ordish. We agreed to extend the wetland and Goldfields School was in "boots and all".

With some more Harakeke (the big flax), and Wharariki (the smaller flax), the extension of this wetland will further enhance the environmental values of the area.

HELPING HANDS: Goldfields School help plant beside the waterway

HELPING HANDS: Goldfields School help plant beside the waterway.

Tui and other nectar seeking birds love the flax flowers in spring. The plants will help to filter the contaminants from the road run off at Baker Street, and better quality water will flow into Mill Stream. "When we realize that the water from here will travel all the way past Paeroa and out into the Firth of Thames, it gives us even more reason to improve water quality and biodiversity values at the source". "Everyone gets a sense of satisfaction from doing something good for the environment."

Waihi Walkways has been working for 12 twelve years to improve environmental values, and Mill Stream Walkway with entrances from Baker Street, Morgan Park, and Clark Street is a tribute to all the wonderful volunteers who have given their time and energies and skills to make this a really wonderful walkway.

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