21.08.2001: Walkways Extending Routes


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LEADER Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Waihi Walkways extending the routes

by Ollie Richardson

A request from Waihi Walkways Inc was made to the Waihi Ward committee this month for council approval and involvement in their Riverbank Terrace Walkway proposal.

This walkway would commence at Gilmour Reserve and finish at Rosemont Road and is entirely contained on the unformed sections of road known as Riverbank Terrace.

Community services manager Gary Paterson pointed out a number of considerations for the ward committee to ponder before making a decision.

These included the proposed electric fencing, which he suggested should be avoided where the public come into close proximity. When appropriately placed it should carry signage to warn of their presence.

He also pointed out that the proposed planting on the opposite side of the river will need to be protected by a substantial fence to deter the stock as the reserve is currently leased out for grazing.

There is also a long term maintenance aspect which they say would be a charge against the Ward Reserves Account and last but not least assistance from council will be required for culverts and boulders, his report stated.

The committee took all these concerns on board.

Chairman Sel Baker suggested that either the proposal could be sent back asking how much council involvement will be required or it could be agreed to in principle.

Mayor Basil Morrison agreed with Waihi Walkways proposal in principle and complimented them on their thoroughness and high standard of presentation.

"We haven't finished with the Lawrence Road proposal yet," he said, "and we need to know the implications of cost there. It is important to talk with Environment Waikato as to the responsibility for the river. The agreement with Owen Morgan has not been accepted by their committee. If Lawrence Road costs include the section originally asked for, well we can only spend the dollar once."

The Lawrence Road walkway contains the foundations of the old gold dredging plant and is of historic significance. The committee is anxious to have the area extended to incorporate the whole site.

"I have reservations on a project of this size," said Cr Don Lockwood, referring to the Riverbank Terrace project.

"We need to know what the ongoing maintenance is on this proposal," added Cr Mary Carmine.

Cr Mike Hayden told the ward committee that the Walkways group have the money from EW to do the planting on the opposite bank and that this doesn't actually affect the walkway.

The mayor suggested that if that part of the planting proposal can be funded with no cost to council and no difficulties to the lessee then that would be magic. The committee passed a motion to this effect.

"We will have to inform the lessee that there will be activity there," said Mr Morrison.

The Waihi Walkways committee has on-going maintenance plans on hand for the walk.

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