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Waihi Walkways Annual Report


Good afternoon and welcome to everyone.

It is my pleasure to report on the previous year’s activities of Waihi Walkways and to briefly cover some of the highlights during that time.

Last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a public walk through the walkways and more than 80 people joined us in traversing our first three walkways, Mill Stream Walkway, Riverbank Terrace Walkway and Coffey’s Walkway. It was a great event, and gratifying to have so many members of the community come out (on a grey day) and celebrate with us.

Sometimes it is good to reflect on how much change has occurred. On a day to day or month to month basis it sometimes seems very little… it’s hard to see the trees grow! But when we look over the past 10+ years, it has indeed been a transformation. Where there was rubbish, debris and stock, there is now fencing, native trees well established, bridges and tracks, and mown areas for everyone to enjoy. Seating for a rest, or simply enjoying the ambience is available.

In the last year we published our brochure for a self-guided walk through the heritage features throughout Mill Stream Walkway. There are 17 posts to mark the spots to visit, and we are receiving good feedback from this project.

We established entrance way signage for Mill Stream Walkway. This has made it easier for visitors and community to find their way onto this lovely little walkway.

I would like to thank Eric Lens in particular in regard to these two projects… he has brought expertise and dedication in regard to our heritage features. He has transformed that knowledge into a self guided walk brochure which is on our website with an extended interpretation for those who like more detail. And, he has created all the art work to allow the interpretation signs and the entrance signs to proceed. Thank you Eric for such a quality contribution to our projects.

This, and all the other work, would not be possible without the strong support of the Committee and all the volunteer supporters of Waihi Walkways. Volunteer work on the ground is ongoing, mowing, weeding, clearing drains and track maintenance, etc. Committee work is also ongoing and keeps our organisation strong.

I would also like to acknowledge our funders who provide vital support to enable us to continue. In particular, the sponsoring of our part time coordinator from AgriSea NZ Seaweed Ltd, allows us to get on with the projects and keep all our administration, etc in good order.

Our local funders, Jim Say Foundation and Valder Ohinemuri Charitable Trust continue to strongly support our efforts, and it is pleasing to be able to show off our work to the local Trustees.

Chairperson, Brett Wisheart

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